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"As District Attorney for Washington County, I have a proven track record of prioritizing public safety while pursuing responsible reforms.  I am proud of the work I have accomplished as your District Attorney, and I look forward to continuing to serve our community."

                                                                - Kevin Barton


My mission as your District Attorney is to seek justice and protect our community. This means doing the right thing for the right reason and always prioritizing public safety.

This mission is personal for me.  Not only have I dedicated my career to serving our community, but my wife and I live in Washington County and are raising our family here.

I spoke with a Pamplin newspaper reporter recently about my priorities as District Attorney.  You can click here to read the interview.


Safety is a priority for me as your District Attorney.  I work with leaders including the sheriff, police chiefs, and judges to help ensure our public safety system works.  It is a heavy responsibility, and my phone often rings in the middle of the night with issues that require urgent attention.

I am proud to report during my time as your District Attorney, Washington County has avoided the extreme rise in violent crime seen in Portland.  While crime impacts everyone, it often has a disproportionate impact on the poor and marginalized.  I am committed to ensuring that Washington County remains a safe community for everyone. 


As your District Attorney, protecting victims is a priority.  Every year, the Washington County District Attorney's office serves over 12,000 crime victims from throughout our community.  These victims are our neighbors, co-workers, and family members.  They often come to the District Attorney's Office traumatized from crime and seeking justice.  My experience both as an experienced prosecutor and as your elected District Attorney provides me with the ability to protect and serve crime victims.


Safety and justice are fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone.  While our public safety system in Washington County functions well, we must do even better by embracing responsible reforms and ensuring the needs of our diverse community are met.  There are times when the system has fallen short, especially for those who have been historically marginalized, and it is our obligation to ensure that all members of our community are served and protected.​


I pursue smart policies and responsible reforms that address root causes of crime, promote rehabilitation and hold offenders accountable.

As your District Attorney, I have made Washington County a statewide leader in the use of innovative specialty and treatment courts, operating approximately a dozen different programs.  These include efforts such an adult and juvenile Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and a Veterans Treatment Court.


I am currently working to spearhead two new specialty programs: (1) a Homeless Specialty Court to help homeless defendants achieve stable housing and avoid the criminal system and (2) a Mental Health Diversion Program to help non-violent defendants with mental health issues receive treatment and avoid the criminal system.

I support responsible reforms of our criminal justice system so that it meets the needs of our Washington County community.  For example, I am currently working with community leaders to develop the Family Peace Center of Washington County, a state-of-the-art facility to serve victims of domestic violence and child abuse.  This new initiative will address the impact of trauma on children and families (known as "Adverse Childhood Experiences" or "ACEs") with a goal of reducing negative impacts later in life, including involvement in the criminal justice system.


I have worked to ensure the District Attorney's Office reflects the values of our community.  When I was first elected as District Attorney in 2018, I transformed the office to prioritize community engagement and transparency.

I am pleased to report that District Attorney's Office personnel are frequent guest speakers throughout the county at various community groups, schools, churches, and other organizations.  We have enhanced our online presence and established quarterly newsletters and interactive social media accounts to ensure community engagement and access.  Our website provides routine updates on criminal cases and initiatives, along with a complete policy manual for any member of the public to review.


The District Attorney is a non-partisan, elected position. I am supported by members of different political parties, and I am not registered with any political party.

Politics should have no role in the decisions made in the District Attorney's Office.  Under my leadership as District Attorney, every decision is made in pursuit of the mission of seeking justice and protecting our community.

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