Leaders from government, law enforcement, and civic organizations throughout Washington County overwhelmingly endorse Kevin Barton for District Attorney.


  • District Attorney Bob Hermann, Washington County

  • Sheriff Pat Garrett, Washington County

  • Washington County Commissioner Chair Andy Duyck

  • Washington County Commissioner Vice-Chair Greg Malinowski

  • Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten

  • Washington County Commissioner Roy Rogers

  • Washington County Commissioner Bob Terry

  • Hillsboro Tribune

  • Forest Grove News-Times

  • Crime Victims United of Oregon

  • Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs

  • Northwest Organized Retail Crime Alliance

  • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

  • Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Patrick Cadiz, Law Offices of Patrick Cadiz

  • Martin Granum, Hillsboro School District Board

  • Rob Harris, President of Harris Law Firm, Hillsboro

  • Police Chief Jim Monger, Beaverton

  • Police Chief Lee Debrowolski, Hillsboro

  • Police Chief Janie Schutz, Forest Grove

  • Police Chief Bill Steele, Tualatin

  • Police Chief Kathy McAlpine, Tigard

  • Police Chief Jeff Groth, Sherwood

  • Police Chief Charles Fessler, King City

  • Police Chief Albert Roque, Cornelius

  • Police Chief Jesse Baker, North Plains

  • Mayor Steve Callaway, Hillsboro

  • Mayor Dennis Doyle, Beaverton

  • Mayor John Cook, Tigard

  • Mayor Lou Ogden, Tualatin

  • Mayor Peter Truax, Forest Grove

  • Mayor Teri Lenahan, North Plains

  • Mayor Jeffrey Dalin, Cornelius

  • Mayor Ken Gibson, King City

  • Mayor Keith Mays, Sherwood

  • State Senator Mark Hass (D)

  • State Representative Jeff Barker (D)

  • State Representative Andy Olson (R)

  • State Representative Rich Vial (R)

  • Washington County Police Officers Association

  • Hillsboro Police Officers Association

  • Beaverton Police Officers Association

  • Forest Grove Police Officers Association

  • Sherwood Police Officers Association

  • Tigard Police Officers Association

  • Tualatin Police Officers Association

  • Oregon State Police Officers Association

  • District Attorney Rod Underhill, Multnomah County

  • District Attorney John Foote, Clackamas County

  • District Attorney Patty Perlow, Lane County

  • District Attorney Justin Nelson, Morrow County

  • District Attorney Dan Primus, Umatilla County

  • District Attorney Jeff Auxier, Columbia County

  • District Attorney Josh Marquis, Clatsop County

  • District Attorney Eric Nisley, Wasco County

  • District Attorney Michelle Branam, Lincoln County

  • District Attorney Kelsie McDaniel, Union County

  • District Attorney William Porter, Tillamook County

  • District Attorney Steven Leriche, Jefferson County

  • District Attorney Matt Shirtcliff, Baker County (President of Oregon District Attorney's Association)

  • District Attorney Aaron Felton, Polk County

               - Bob Hermann

                 Washington County District Attorney

"As Washington County’s District Attorney with over 42 years of prosecution experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Barton to succeed me as District Attorney.  Kevin has a proven track record of leadership, common sense and good judgment, and has the respect of his colleagues, judges, and the legal community.  I know Kevin will continue to pursue justice, ensure public safety, and protect the rights of crime victims and members of our community."

"In Kevin Barton's career with the District Attorney's Office, he has distinguished himself as a tenacious prosecutor who holds offenders accountable for their crimes and a tireless advocate for victim's rights.  I have personally seen Kevin take the time to invest his office in important community relationships.  Kevin should be our first choice for Washington County's next District Attorney."

               - Pat Garrett

                 Washington County Sheriff

“I support Kevin Barton because there is no one better suited for this role. Kevin has a wealth of experience, the highest degree of personal integrity, and a proven record of protecting Washington County residents. As our next District Attorney Kevin will continue to prioritize safety and justice for Hillsboro and all  of Washington County"

               - Steve Callaway

                 Hillsboro Mayor

"Kevin Barton should be your next elected District Attorney. Throughout his career he has made a point to be a champion for the most vulnerable victims.  As a deputy district attorney, Kevin helped to train me.  Since Lincoln County is so small and has historically been plagued by high turn over, expertise in the area of child sex abuse prosecution was not easy to find.  Kevin made himself available any time to answer questions and strategize on how to hold offenders accountable and make children safe.  I have certainly been on a work call with Kevin late on a Saturday evening while his kids were in the background.  He did not hesitate to devote that time to me, because my case involved a 9 yr old autistic child who was having great difficulty communicating what had happened to her.  Kevin brainstormed with me to be sure we had our best shot at holding the offender accountable.  Kevin's contribution and dedication to Washington County is unparalleled.  His contribution to the State of Oregon has already made him a respected leader.  There are not many people you can say this about: kids in Oregon are safer because Kevin Barton has made it his mission to train people to protect them.  You would be lucky to have him lead the Washington County DA's office."


         - Michelle Branam

           Lincoln County District Attorney