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Kevin Barton at Washington County Courthouse


Dear Washington County voters:


Thank you for re-electing me to continue serving as your District Attorney! 


As your District Attorney, my mission is to seek justice and protect our community.  Keeping Washington County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family is a priority.

We are facing many public safety challenges including rising metro-area crime, a continuing addiction crisis, and a lack of available mental health resources.  However, despite these challenges, Washington County is one of the safest large counties in Oregon, with a crime rate that is approximately 30% below the state average.  


As your District Attorney, I prioritize public safety while also pursuing responsible reforms.  I am proud to have led the effort to establish a Veterans Treatment Court that helps military veterans struggling with addiction or mental health, a Cold Case Unit that seeks to solve unsolved homicides and sexual assault crimes, and a Family Peace Center that serves domestic violence and child sexual abuse victims.


With your support I am honored to continue serving as your District Attorney!

          - Kevin Barton

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