Kevin Barton continues to offer transparency while his opponent continues to deflect

On Thursday, May 10th, KATU released a story about the Washington County District Attorney's race.  While campaign finances should not be the focus of such an important public safety race, Kevin's opponent continues to make it an issue.  As a public safety leader in Washington County, the District Attorney must be honest and transparent on all issues and answer to the public.  In his campaign, Max Wall continues to refuse or avoid answering direct questions regarding the source of his campaign contributions.  Kevin remains open and honest about the sources of his donations.  In a recent debate at The Oregonian, a writer asked Max Wall directly if he was receiving contributions from George Soros affiliated organizations.  Max Wall would not answer the question and instead offered a scripted response.


The issue that Max Wall creates is less about the source of his campaign contributions and more about his lack of transparency.  He refuses to answer simple questions about his campaign finances and explain why he dodges these questions.  Max Wall's refusal to be open and honest is just one example of why he is unqualified to lead the Washington County District Attorney's Office.  


Not only does Max Wall lack honesty and transparency, he lacks experience and familiarity with Washington County's criminal justice system.  With no supervisory experience, he lacks the qualifications to lead an office of more than 40 attorneys and 60 support staff, and he lacks the fiscal experience to manage a budget of more than $16 million.  With only 2 trials in the Washington County Circuit Court, he lacks familiarity with our judges, juries, and criminal justice partners.

It's no wonder why Kevin Barton is Washington County's best choice for District Attorney.


See the full KATU story here.

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Kevin Barton helps create the Washington County Veterans Treatment Court

Kevin believes in taking action, not just reading a national organization's script like his opponent.  After more than a year of effort with our community partners, the Washington County District Attorney's Office announced the planned launch of a Veterans Treatment Court this summer.  Through Kevin's leadership, he was able to convince the leaders of the Washington County Circuit Court to commit to the program, despite a lack of judicial resources.  His efforts allowed military veterans in the DA's Office to develop a multidisciplinary program designed to help justice-involved veterans get the specialized treatment they need.

The DA's Office and Circuit Court have partnered with the Portland VA and the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Community Corrections, and Veterans Services to offer wraparound care for veterans.  No single agency could create a program like this.  It takes trust, effort, and cooperation.  Kevin has earned that trust with our community partners.  His opponent has no experience developing innovative programs with our criminal justice partners.

The Veterans Treatment Court will complement Washington County's robust portfolio of specialty treatment programs including Adult Drug Court, Juvenile Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing, Family Sentencing Alternative Program, DUII Diversion, Early Case Resolution, Juvenile Gang Court, and intensive probation programs.

Read the full press release here.

Kevin Barton offers the honesty and transparency that his opponent lacks

Our community puts a large amount of trust in the District Attorney.  We trust that the DA will work with public safety partners to keep us safe and trust that the DA will be honest and transparent about the work of the DA's Office.  That trust has been earned by Kevin Barton, which is why he has such long and broad list of supporters.  Kevin's endorsements show that the leaders of our community have trust in Kevin's honesty and his dedication to keeping Washington County a safe place to live and work.  However, we should be concerned about Kevin's opponent.

In a recent stories by KOIN and The Oregonian, they reported that during a public debate Max Wall denied rumors that he was receiving financial support from George Soros linked groups.  However, records show that before making that statement, Max Wall had already received over $21,000 from a Soros-linked Political Action Committee (PAC).  While there is nothing illegal about receiving money from a Soros-linked PAC, we should be concerned about why Max Wall was dishonest about the financial support he was receiving.  When KOIN requested an interview with Max Wall, he refused unless KOIN agreed not to ask questions about Soros.  Max Wall's representatives told The Oregonian that they don't know where the money is coming from.  Max Wall lacks the honesty and transparency that Washington County deserves and demands of its elected officials.  

We don't need George Soros' stamp on our criminal justice system.  We need a DA that will keep our community safe; a DA that will be honest and transparent.  That is why Kevin Barton is the right choice to be our next District Attorney.

See the full KOIN story here.

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Kevin Barton continues to innovate strategies that keep our community safe in a fiscally responsible way

On April 19, the Washington County District Attorney's Office announced its partnership with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Community Corrections, Hillsboro Police Department, and Beaverton Police Department to open a digital forensics laboratory that will support all law enforcement agencies in Washington County.  Through Kevin's leadership, he was able to bring the partner agencies together to share resources and costs in this joint venture.  The lab will help ensure more timely justice for vulnerable victims in our community by speeding along investigations, providing prosecutors with stronger evidence, and allowing probation officers a more effective way to ensure offender compliance with probation conditions.  The lab will become a great resource for our community.

See the press release here.

See the KGW story here.

KOIN wrote an article about Kevin's opponent and his ties to Soros

Honesty and transparency are key traits for a District Attorney to build trust with our community. It was concerning to read this article and see how Kevin's opponent, Max Wall, wasn't up front about his recruitment by George Soros operatives and funding from Soros' political action committees.  While the outside influence is certainly concerning, Max Wall's lack of candor is worrisome. 

Thankful to have the support and endorsement of Forest Grove PD Chief Janie Schutz

On April 12, Chief Schutz was honored with the first Hardy Myers Crime Victim Advocacy Award by the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center. Kevin is grateful to have Chief Schutz and Forest Grove PD as a partner.  Read the article here.

Kevin Barton and Andy Pulver speak to Nike employees about Teens and Tech

Part of Kevin's mission to protect vulnerable victims includes community outreach and education.  Kevin knows that law enforcement must have the support and assistance of community members to be effective.  That is why on April 5, Kevin and Andy presented a class at the Nike World Campus to help parents know what to look for with their teens using the internet and social media.  Read the press release.

Washington County Alternative Sentencing Program gets National Attention

The Washington County criminal justice system is home to several alternative sentencing programs that seek to invest limited community resources in rehabilitation of criminal defendants instead of incarceration.  One of these programs, Family Sentencing Alternative Pilot Program (FSAPP), is receiving national attention for its innovation.  Through his work with the Washington County Circuit Court, Washington County Community Corrections and other criminal justice partners, Kevin has been able to help develop, implement, and expand programs that work to give defendants the tools to become protective members of our community.  

Check out the FSAPP press release here.


Kevin is a member of the Building Bridges Steering Committee which sponsors events designed to promote trust and understanding with diverse community and civic organizations.  

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