Kevin Barton debates his opponent at

The Oregonian

On Wednesday, May 9th Kevin and his opponent engaged in a live debate moderated by The Oregonian staff.  Kevin explained how he will bring positive changes to the Washington County District Attorney's Office and improve upon a strong foundation.  Unlike his opponent, Kevin is familiar with Washington County's criminal justice system and knows how to work with our community partners to develop innovative programs that offer an alternative to incarceration while still keeping our community safe.  Kevin's opponent continues to offer a lack of concrete examples of what he would change in Washington County.  Instead, he sticks to the script of the national organization that is funding his campaign.

Kevin Barton focused on his strengths as a candidate.  Max Wall continued to highlight his lack of integrity and openness as a candidate.  He continues to answer direct questions about is campaign finances.


The choice is clear, Kevin Barton is the best candidate to lead the Washington County District Attorney's Office.​

Washington County DA Race - OPB - Think Out Loud

Kevin Barton and his opponent debate on OPB's "Think Out Loud"

On Friday, May 4th Kevin had the opportunity to debate his opponent on Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Think Out Loud" program. The debate was moderated by the show's host, Dave Miller, and is roughly 19 minutes long.   We strongly encourage readers to listen to the debate and hear the substance of each candidate's position on the questions posed by Dave Miller.  It is an excellent example of Kevin's depth and breadth of qualifications and complete lack of qualifications by his opponent.  The highlights include:

  • Max Wall's lack of familiarity with Washington County criminal justice system

  • Max Wall's lack of experience supervising any staff

  • Max Wall's persistent lack of transparency regarding his campaign finances


The choice is clear, Kevin Barton is the best candidate to lead the Washington County District Attorney's Office.​


You can also find the debate on OPB here.

Kevin Barton answers community questions at Voter's Forum

On Thursday, May 3rd Kevin answered questions at a Voter's Forum hosted by the Washington County Community Participation Organization (CPO). The CPO is committed to providing opportunities for individuals and communities in Washington County to engage with their government.  This event was open to the public and allowed attendees to ask questions of the candidates.  Kevin is thankful to all who attended the event and for the opportunity to help voters make an informed choice this election.  It was clear once again that Kevin Barton is the best choice for Washington County's next District Attorney.


Learn more about the CPO here.

Kevin Barton was the keynote speaker at the annual Community Heros dinner

On April 24, Kevin was the keynote speaker at the annual Community Heros dinner hosted by the Optimist Club of Hillsboro.  The Optimist Club of Hillsboro is a service club that works with youth by offering scholarships, helping with projects, and providing opportunities for engagement with local government.  Kevin was grateful to have the opportunity to speak to club members about the importance of community engagement with law enforcement and how law enforcement cannot work effectively without community support. 


We are proud of the support Washington County has for our community law enforcement partners!  Kevin looks forward to strengthening this bond in our community as Washington County's next District Attorney.

Kevin also enjoyed the entertainment provided by the Hillsboro School District Mariachi band, Mariachi Una Voz.  Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Kevin Barton debates his opponent at an event hosted by the Washington County

Bar Association

Thanks to the Washington County Bar Association for hosting a debate on April 11th.  The debate offered an excellent opportunity for voters to see and hear the qualifications of the two candidates for Washington County District Attorney. 

Kevin's experience and proven record shows that he is the best choice for Washington County's next District Attorney.  Kevin demonstrated his managerial experience, knowledge of public safety issues affecting our communities, and innovative ideas for keeping Washington County one of the safest places to live in Oregon.

Watch the full debate here.

Kevin Barton helps kick-off National Child Abuse Prevention Month

On April 6th, Kevin, Chief Deputy Shawn Fischer (Sheriff's Office), and Kevin Dowling (CARES NW) spoke about child abuse prevention and commemorated a Pinwheel Garden outside of the Washington County Courthouse in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month. 


Every child deserves a safe and happy childhood.

Kevin Barton presents child abuse prevention accomplishments to the Washington County Board of Commissioners

On April 3rd, Kevin had the opportunity to share some of the accomplishments in child abuse prevention under his leadership of the Washington County District Attorney's Office Child Abuse Unit.  Notable accomplishments included the launch of the Washington County School Safety Task Force, a multidisciplinary team designed to protect our schools.  Additionally, Kevin announced that the Washington County Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team received a grant to aid in the prevention of child sex trafficking.  Finally, Kevin announced to the Board that CARES NW, a child abuse specialty medical clinic, is seeking to open a second clinic in Washington County due, in part, to the unfortunate rise is child abuse cases seen at CARES NW.

To see Kevin Barton's full presentation, click here.

Kevin Barton speaks at the Washington County Public Affairs Forum

On March 19th, Kevin spoke to the Washington County Public Affairs Forum in Beaverton.  Kevin shared why he is the better candidate to be Washington County's next District Attorney in a debate style format with his opponent.

Kevin appreciates the Forum's invitation and the opportunity to share his qualifications.

The full video is available on the Forum's Facebook page here.

Campaign Kickoff!

On Wednesday, September 20th, Kevin publicly announced his candidacy for Washington County District Attorney on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse.

Kevin outlined the reason he is running for DA, his qualifications, and his goals and philosophy as DA.  Kevin was joined by Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett and current District Attorney Bob Hermann.  The event was covered by TV and print media and included a large crowd of supporters.

Click here for the full text of Kevin's remarks

Click below for links to the TV and print media coverage:

- KPTV Channel 12 news story

- Hillsboro Tribune news story

Retiring Washington County DA Endorses Kevin Barton

KOIN 6 sat down with current Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann to discuss his 42 years serving as a prosecutor and his endorsement of Kevin Barton for District Attorney.  Kevin Barton also spoke with KOIN 6 about the reason he is running for District Attorney.  Find the video here.

Click here for a link to the KOIN 6 story.

Click here for a link to the Oregonian story.

Distinguished Service Award

Kevin was honored with the "Distinguished Service Award" from the Oregon Police Officer's Association on November 3, 2017, for the successful prosecution of a fugitive father who sexually abused his two biological daughters over twenty five years ago.

Speaker at National Child Sex Trafficking Conference

On October 25, 2017, Kevin co-presented  at the annual JUST conference in New Orleans.  The presentation focused on the investigation and prosecution of juvenile sex trafficking, including an in-depth study of a recent series of sex trafficking cases involving strip clubs in the Portland metropolitan area. Sponsored by Shared Hope, International, the JUST conference is the nation's leading conference on juvenile sex trafficking.